I’ve accumulated a little backlog of Haskell thoughts looking for an outlet, and I’ve finally created this blog to hold them. Most of these will be papers or Haskell features that have coated the countryside in a fine film of my neurons.

Upcoming posts include:

  • A translation of Meijer et al.’s famous “Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire” paper into Haskell, for those (like me) whose abstract notation buffers aren’t up to reading the original.
  • A collection (“shopping list”, to borrow a term) of equational rules for functional programming (e.g., foldr (:) [] == id). The goal is that you could look here for functions you’re using, and perhaps spot a rule that can simplify your code or improve your understanding. I’ve found these rules a great source of enlightening brain explosions,
  • PlainConfig, my upcoming text file configuration module for xmonad, designed to offer some configuration without the GHC dependency.

Those are in the order they occurred to me; they might appear in any order.

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